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The new EP from Matt Record, Black Swan, available for purchase on iTunes and Amazon.

"I’m very excited to announce that I’ve signed a record deal with Captain Beardo Records! I’ll be heading into the studio in Chicago in mid-December to record a 5 song EP with my old friends Andrew Madden and Paul Duda of the band Toy Robots.

This has been a dream of mine since I started playing music seriously back in high school. I’ve made a few records in my time that I’m proud of, but I’ve never had a sponsor that believed in me enough to lay it on the line. Vince Wiscons, head of Captain Beardo Records, is a true steward and facilitator of the arts and has given me a great opportunity to make some more music.

This is my first true solo project and I’m looking forward to this challenge and all the work that goes into it. This will be a fairly stripped down record in the sense that it will focus on the voice, the lyrics and the guitar. I have some themes and atmospherics in mind, which will continue to take shape over the next couple of months.

One thing I do know for sure is that I’ll finally be recording a song I wrote with my old buddy Kayle Truman a long time ago on a couch in L.A. called ‘Saddle Up’. Thinking back on my journey from that couch I realize not many things in life turn out like you think they will at the time, but I’m glad that people will finally get to listen to this one.

Lots of incredible things are in the works for the release in early 2017 including multiple release parties so stay tuned for some more announcements. Thanks to everyone that has supported me and my music over the years! Talk to you soon…"




Matt Record is a solo artist playing all over Indianapolis and the great state of Indiana & beyond incorporating a wide variety of genres, dynamically powerful vocals, expert guitar work and live looping. Matt recently played for the Irsay Family at an Indy Sports Corp. fundraiser, as well as for Indianapolis Colts fans at Lucas Oil Stadium before a game in The Blue Room, along with the District Tap, Upland Brewery locations, Cobblestone Grill in Zionsville and many other wineries, breweries, restaurants and bars, as well as corporate and private events.

Genres covered and composed include: Rock, Soul, Funk, Acoustic Singer-Songwriter, Old School Country, Bluegrass, Blues, Funk-Rock, Experimental, and Psychedelic Jam.

Previous outfits include The Magnet, based in Los Angeles, which debuted at the world famous Viper Room in 2003 and went on to record 3 EP’s. Then Matt relocated for a time to the shores of Oregon, writing songs at a drive thru coffee hut and recording them in a cabin on a lake outside of town. He also played bass in a country band and put in some jam work at a non-descript warehouse up against the sand dunes with Kevin “Wooly” Wolpoff and the old-timers Pablo and Turbo. Matt and Kevin also gigged and recorded with producer Troy Cypress Broadnax, formerly of The Toys, in Eugene.

Next was four years in the great city of Chicago and the band Kickbush. You can download the excellent self-titled 7 song EP Kickbush on iTunes and Amazon right now. Venues played included the renowned Double Door, Lincoln Hall, The Cubby Bear in Wrigleyville, Fitzgerald's and O'Sullivan's in the burbs, the Upland Brewery in Bloomington, Indiana, The Mousetrap, Spin, and C.T. Pepper’s in Indianapolis and many more throughout Indiana, Illinois and Wisconsin.

Matt is currently looking around town for any quality talent he can work with and absorb: horns, organic keys, beat-makers, turntable-ists, bassist, cellist or someone to harmonize with vocally.


  • Born and raised in Plymouth, Indiana.
  • Writer of the regional cult hit Veggie Burritos, as well as, Does She Think of Me.
  • Pioneer of the new genre Micro Country.
  • Grandma Record was a kick ass organist at the Church up in Frankfort.
  • First concert at age 6 was Billy Joel at Market Square Arena.
  • Concerts attended: The GZA, James Brown,

"There’s a lot of fun here. And a lot of pure emotion. There’s also observant cultural signage, broken love, and the personal tragedies of the loss of loved ones pumped into the music. I’m sure you can relate. This stuff is therapy, this stuff is real, but it sometimes slips into that unreal...that fantastic plane that musicians have launched us into for thousands of years. That not often, but never forgotten music-triggered brain chemical that gets released and let’s us truly escape...and for a moment gives us the privilege of flight.” ~M.R.

*Never Forget To Laugh: Recorded and mixed by Andrew Madden, Jr. at Maddman Studios, Chicago, IL. Written by Matt Record
*Insomnia: Written and Recorded by Matt Record. Mixed by Andrew Madden, Jr. at Maddman Studios, Chicago, IL.

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